Leslie Tyler will sue me into bankruptcy, I’ll waive service

Another choice Facebook post by Leslie Tyler:

That’s how her kind operates and why I’m never going to do business with Leslie Tyler.  

Beyond bizarre:

u said no inspections were done in 2008

No, Leslie, I said the OPPOSITE, that inspections were done as of 2008.

i should you they were you said no zoning i showed u as far back as 60s

I never said ANYTHING about “no zoning.”

Is Leslie a meth head, on prescription meds or is she naturally not quite right?

Is it some disorder, the constant lying?

Unlike Leslie Tyler, I don’t believe in wasting money on lawyers and I’ve never sued anyone for slandering me on Facebook.

But, that’s how she does business, she has clearly pissed off MANY people as she posted yesterday:

i am not scared of u putting a page up about me hahahah as if u are the first, please dont flatter yourself-all my attorneys just have them taken down within 24hr an you want to play lets play

Seriously?  “play?”

I don’t call it playing, but I’m looking forward to see whether I can still publish the truth.

I hereby waive personal service of the summons and lawsuit.  Leslie’s legal team can snail mail the papers with the waiver:

Christine Baker
3880 Stockton Hill 103-156
Kingman, AZ 86409

They can also email the papers to christine at highdesertdirt.com if they like.

It costs a few hundred dollars to serve papers in Meadview and I would NOT want anyone to incur unnecessary costs.

I’m ready when you are, Leslie. 🙂




I can’t take Leslie Tyler’s lies and misrepresentations anymore


I’ve seen so many imbeciles, avid sharers of FAKE NEWS, Trump drones, raging liberals and countless people who just like to argue — with nothing better to do because they are incapable of accomplishing anything worthwhile in real life and have a much bigger mouth than brain.  Sadly, that’s the average Mohave County “political activist”.

Recently I “met” Leslie Tyler on Facebook and she is extra special.  

Leslie is a real person doing business here and according to her Facebook page she is the managing partner of LT Mohave Development.  I’ve never met anyone more like Trump.  A narcissist, bragging about her business, her support for her community (Golden Valley), her charitable support for veterans and her “private schooling.”

Yesterday Steven Levings complained about an “unconstitutional” Mohave County regulation in this Facebook post:


I really don’t like d), the County being able to enter any premise with a dog to demand “the exhibition of the license.”  Really?   Are they actually doing that?

As I love animals, e) and f) regarding animal abuse sound good to me and I’ll discuss this issue in a separate post.

When you are upset about the County entering a home to stop animal abuse, wouldn’t you be REALLY upset when you see how the County condemned my neighbor’s house?

I posted the links to my blog posts regarding the County’s condemnation:



I explain in those two posts in great length how Mohave County condemned my neighbor’s house for failing to comply with the International Property Maintenance Code even though in 1998, when my neighbor got his permit to build the house, the County assured him that there would be NO building inspections and he could do whatever he wanted.

Pre 2008, the County ONLY inspected the septic system for new home construction.

My neighbor built an earth-ship type extremely energy efficient house.  It’s not pretty, but he did not violate any laws when he built in 1998 as he obtained the County permit and therefore the house should be grandfathered in.

To add insult to injury, the County never told my neighbor what he needed to do to become compliant with the International Property Maintenance Code nor did they explain why he NOW has to comply with codes.   Ed Kulik stated that my neighbor would have to hire an architect or contractor to determine what needs to be done to bring the house up to code.

I expected SUPPORT for this Viet Nam vet from Steven and Leslie.

He served in Viet Nam, he has been a productive member of society and now he might not live to be 70 due to the stress caused by the County.  His blood pressure went through the roof and as I described in my blog posts, his wife was afraid he would die.

He did NOTHING wrong!

However, Leslie Tyler posted in response on Facebook:

Leslie Tyler this is the way most states are an the IBC codes you Christine Baker should be familiar with, it is International building codes…its been around since 1997 an updated every 3 years, i have bought numerous properties in this condition, assumed the liability an made a profit as well, so its not worthless, its following the law, and zoning an permits have been in effect since the 60s in mohave county an when i purchased my home in 98 in mohave county it most certainly had to be inspected an up to code an that was 20 years ago

Leslie Tyler is accusing me and my neighbor of lying about the FACT that Mohave County did not inspect homes built prior to 2008.

In 2008 Mohave County changed the requirements for building permits and all structures that were over 120 sqft had to comply with codes.  Very expensive blueprints have to be submitted, inspections are mandatory throughout the construction.

Our rural area has been depressed since 2008 as just about nobody can afford to build their dream home anymore.

I asked Leslie whether she would bet $5,000 that no building inspections were required for my neighbor’s home back in 1998 — expecting that she would actually review the issues and realize that my neighbor did nothing wrong and ought to be able to live in peace.

Why would we lie about inspection requirements in our PUBLIC complaint to supervisor Bishop?

Leslie being Leslie, she then spent HOURS posting silly comments and documents that she misrepresented as “inspections”.  She even offered to pay people to drive to my house to collect the $5,000.  Notably, her documents do not prove that Mohave County required building inspections back in 1998 — she attempted to defraud me.


She is so Trumpesque.

Ironically, Leslie claims to be supporting veterans, but she chose to support the County’s condemnation of a Viet Nam vet’s house.

In court Leslie would likely be sanctioned for her misconduct, providing fraudulent documents in her attempt to prove what cannot be proven to collect $5k that she should be paying me.

I will discuss in a new post the documents she offered as “proof” of required inspections for construction of owner occupied residences in Mohave County in 1998 when my neighbor received his permit and built his home.

I have no idea what Leslie’s LT Mohave Development is developing in Mohave County (she was bragging about it on Facebook, but failed to provide specifics), but I certainly will never do business with someone who operates and distorts the truth like Leslie Tyler.

I had not intended to start a new blog for Leslie, was only going to write about Leslie in a page at my blog.  But then Leslie posted on Facebook:

Since others have made pages about Leslie and she got lawyers to take them down, I created a new blog for her as there will be MANY issues to discuss here once she sued me.

Leslie won’t have to pay to have me served with her lawsuit as I hereby offer to WAIVE personal service and I will gladly sign the waiver submitted by snail mail or email.

Let’s see if we can still publish the truth 🙂

Do we still have 1st Amendment rights?

We’ll see!